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Wikkelhouse is designed and developed by the good people of Fiction Factory, a company of creative makers from Amsterdam. Since 1989 they build exceptional interiors, for stands and furniture for a worldwide audience. Now they also make houses.

Their designs utilize high strength cardboard as a main element of the structure. during the production process, the house shaped mold is wrapped with 24 layers of cardboard leading to the origin of the structure’ name, which in English loosely translates to ‘wrap house.’ using the same main components in each structure, the design of each home can differ greatly in terms of overall size and individualized features. 


object type
  • special transport
  • time to setup
  • > 16 hours
  • persons
  • 4 persons
  • surface
  • <20 m2
  • outside Material
  • Wood
  • additional beds
  • 2
  • Lifetime
  • 50 years
  • Warranty
  • to deliberate
  • inside
  • separate toilet
  • double bedroom
  • bathroom
  • kitchen
  • study
  • living
  • outside
  • double glazing
  • utility connections
  • water
  • electricity 220/240v
  • wastewater collection
  • water treatment
  • radio/tv
  • internet
  • segmented
  • yes
  • Available from

    Local EUR 45000
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    Additional information

    We deliver Wikkelhouse in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, UK, Scandinavia. And we plan to keep it that way throughout 2018. Patience is a virtue.

    You can purchase an airframe Wikkelhouse from EUR 45.000,- (based on 4 segments and excluding transport and placement).

    We believe Wikkelhouse has a minimal lifetime garantee of 50 years. In the end cardboard is a different use of wood fibers. And wooden contructions last for decades when good conditioned

    Warranties will be discussed when negotiating contractual and financial terms 

    Just like a site-built home, Wikkelhouse needs routine maintenance and inspections. Of course keeping the house clean, aired, levelled and at a constant minimum temperature helps to keep Wikkelhouse healthy and in top shape.

    Duration of delivery depends on travel distance and accesibility of the location. The actual instalment of your Wikkelhouse on location takes no longer than 1, max 2 days. 

    Since Wikkelhouse is sustainably produced and made of materials that have minimal impact on the environment, it is 3x more eco-friendly than traditional housing. Moreover, the segments can be reused over and over again and are 100% recyclabe


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